Dalian Jiaerxin Rubber &Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd
Name:Dalian Jiaerxin Rubber &Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd
Equipments detail
Equipment: Banbury mixer
Equipment Type: Mixing Equipment -> Mixer
Unit Type: set
Technical Parameters: total volume of mixing chamber: 147L; working volume of mixing chamber: 160L; rear rotor RPM: 4-40; speed ratio of rotors: 1:1.16; cooling water consumption: 45 t/h; cooling water pressure: 0.3-0.4 Mpa; main motor power: DC 500kw; weight: approx. 36 tons
Post Time: 2017-10-09
Main Features: high quality with most reasonable price low maintenance with less energy consumption rapid delivery and customized make either pneumatic upper ram or pneumatic ram is available AC motor, AV variable frequency motor or DC motor with speed controller is optional intermeshing rotors or tangential rotors with 2-wing/4-wing/6-wing is optional adopted with drilled or jacket structure cooling, with Temperature Control Unit optional copper ring and hydraulic sealing system is adopted to the rotor end dust stop all surfaces contacing with compound are hard welded excellent dispersion effect and perfect materials distribusion
Usage: rubber and plastics plasticizing, mixing, blend mixing and final mixing
Description: Besides internal Banbury mixer, Dalian Jiaerxin Rubber &Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd also fabricates dispersion kneader, open two roll mixing mill, rubber refiner mills, rubber calendering lines namely rubber calendar, bale cutter, bias cutters, tire machines and etc., detailed please refer to www.rubbermixermachine.com or www.dljex.com Any rubber machinery of your interest, please contact David Hou via e-mail of yulinsino@hotmail.com
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